“All business is local business and local business is people business!“

Code of Ethics

The success of Probst & Partner Investments Ltd. is dependent on the relationships we build and choices made in investing and service. Our partnership is based on shared vision, mutual respect and trust; this starting point is extended to all areas of our work. We strive to build lasting business and client relationships based on these values.

At Probst & Partner we value people as the foundation of our work. Together with our project partners we can achieve the best possible outcome, find common ground and define clear goals to an agreeable conclusion. We aim towards the best result in all cases, making decisions based on solid due diligence, ethics and in the best interest of all parties.

When providing consultation services to clients and associates, our support is informed and within our scope of work. Actively listening to the needs of our clients and associates to determine the best course of action or opportunity. When our clients succeed, we do as well. We fully apply our experience and expertise in all services we provide.

Probst & Partner Investments Ltd. is a proud Canadian company and part of the Nova Scotia community. We have a vision for tomorrow where our investments have contributed to positive growth in the communities they are placed.


Our corporate philosophy is best expressed by the dolphin: friendly, likeable, sociable and interested in a common success.


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