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We are excited to introduce our principal real estate development project at 195 Main Street in the Town of Antigonish, Nova Scotia. We expect to open the Probst Building to tenants and the public latest June 2021. The building offers two commercial units, two one-bedroom residential units on the main floor and eight two-bedroom residential units on the upper two levels. The Building is located between historic St James United Church and CIBC Bank in the downtown area of Antigonish. The building was professionally designed by
Sean Day Consulting Ltd of Antigonish and built locally by Robert Archibald General Contracting Ltd, a long standing and reputable builder in the region. Our company is excited to complete an investment that will contribute further to the growth and viability of this beautiful downtown area, with a building that will offer quality housing and commercial space for years to come.


Probst & Partner Investments Ltd. was incorporated June, 2016 in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. Based in Antigonish, the company is focused on strategic investment and development within the residential, light industrial and recreational real estate market in Atlantic Canada. We also seek partnership or joint venture investment in value driven opportunities, not limited to real estate. To compliment work in the investment field, we offer specialized services and consultation to clients or partners in real estate, asset management, and business.

Our Vision

In rapidly changing times, Atlantic Canada is beginning to get noticed for its beautiful landscapes and coastlines, safety, affordability and friendly culture. Investment opportunities here continue to grow but bring the most reward when the uniqueness of this region in Canada is considered and its strengths and challenges are well understood. Probst & Partner Investments takes this point of view and applies the best experience, tested strategies and principals from the robust European market, to build value for investors in Atlantic Canada – throughout the investment period, from entry to exit.

Our Values

Probst & Partner Investments focuses on value driven opportunities that respond to demand, are innovative, ethical and provide the best return to investors. Our investments are successful if they bring economic and social vibrancy to the communities where they are placed, meet a specific need and stand out as exceptional. Code of Ethics…

Who we are

Jonas Probst, Vice President & Partner

As Vice President and Partner, Jonas brings a wealth of experience as a certified Immobilienkaufmann (Real Estate Professional), having earned his accreditation at EBZ (European Business Centre) in Bochum, certified by the Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK) – the German Chamber of Commerce.

He has obtained solid knowledge in the English language starting in his high-school year in England and combines his academic background with solid soft skills, making him adept at representing the German ways in Canada.

In his diverse position, Jonas demonstrates proficiency in client relations, cost management, project efficiency, and actively contributes to sales and acquisition efforts.

Juergen Probst, President & Partner

Juergen has spent over 30 years as an entrepreneur in the real estate sector in Germany, including as CEO for a major European real estate company.

As an influential leader in real estate, his impressive character and commitment to results has made him a top advisor, developer and asset manager in Germany.

Our parent company, wawakuk Investment GmbH is based in Germany and is owned by Juergen Probst and his family.

Track record since 2016



AC Group
Boyneclarke LLP
Credit Unions
North 45 Orchards
Sean Day
Steinhart Distillery
WAVE - Water And View Estates

(Corporate Social Responsibility)

As described in our code of ethics, people themselves are valued as the foundation of our work, they are our basis.
Care, ethics and the interests of all parties are important to us – our fellow human beings are important to us.
That’s why we want to support other people in our immediate community:

Highland Muay Thai

Highland Muay Thai is a cornerstone of our community, offering invaluable lessons in discipline, resilience, and personal growth through the practice of Muay Thai.

Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing, is not just a sport—it’s a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. The Highland Muay Thai Gym serves as a nurturing space where individuals of all ages can embark on this transformative journey.

From instilling discipline and self-confidence in our youth to fostering a sense of community and belonging for all participants, the gym is a beacon of positivity in Antigonish.

We are honored to support their mission of promoting physical and mental well-being through the practice of Muay Thai, and we look forward to witnessing the continued positive impact they have on our town and beyond.

Coady International Institute

The Coady International Institute is located on the campus of St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Established in 1959, Coady Institute is named for Rev. Dr. Moses M. Coady, a founder of the Antigonish Movement – a people’s movement for economic and social justice that began in Nova Scotia during the 1920s.

In cooperation with partners in Canada and all around the world, the Institute works to reduce poverty and change societies.

Coady Institute brings people together to exchange innovations and learn from each other.

By several adult education programs, effective partnerships and applicable research, the institute is equipping people with the knowledge and practical tools, they need, to bring about the change they want for themselves.

St. Martha’s Regional Hospital

St. Martha’s Regional Hospital is located in the historic town of Antigonish and was originally founded in 1906 by the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Martha. It is an acute care facility providing a range of primary and secondary services through in-patient, outpatient and satellites.

Committed employees and doctors are always working hard to ensure patients and clients are receiving the best care possible.

In 1990 the Hospital Foundation was founded. It works with individuals, corporations and foundations to receive financial support, raise awareness to the community and ensure the Hospital has the supports needed. For all people in our community St. Martha’s hospital is a backbone for our health situation and we appreciate this service very much.

CACL Antigonish

CACL Antigonish is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing residential and vocational programs. They support adults with intellectual disabilities from  Antigonish in their pursuit of quality living and work experiences.

As they are non-profit, community support and the partnership of local businesses are absolutely neccessary.

They are working toward wage parity for all program participants as valued members of the community like any other. While there have been great strides in progress, much remains to be done.


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